HR Legend offers personalized solution packages and tailored services, whether the need is for a permanent employee, a head hunting assignment or a unique recruitment project. 

Our main focus and core area of business concentrates on attracting quality middle management to executive level professionals for our wide spectrum of market leading clients, operating in industries across the board.

Our primary focus areas are management & executives, manufacturing & engineering, supply chain management, finance & human resources. In addition, we do handle general assignments.


Suitable candidates are identified via utilization of career portal recruiting, advertising, as well as capitalizing on our extensive personnel networks. In addition (and only when necessary), head hunting and research methodologies are used by our Executive Search Division.

With an enviable reputation for consistent delivery through the application of personalized solution packages and tailored services, we consistently demonstrate our ability to beat competitors when it comes to successfully completing complex recruitment assignments.

A crucial aspect and the core of our success are to ascertain our client’s requirements and have an in-depth understanding of the specific job requirements. To take it a step further, we therefore prefer to be briefed by the person to whom the candidate will be reporting to. Candidates are then screened according to the specific job requirements and the prospective candidate’s potential and abilities. All the integrity checks such as credit-, criminal-, qualifications check and references are completed as per every client’s requirements.


HR Legend is not in agreement that it is always necessary to go the search route as many assignments can be completed by making use of tailored services or personalized solution packages. There is however, on occasions, the need for the traditional search methodology, whether it is for a hard-to-find skill, for confidentiality purposes or merely for market research.

In turn, HR Legend will discuss the client’s needs and will, together with the client, decide which offering will be the most appropriate for the assignment, being it the traditional recruitment process, executive recruitment or search.

HR Legend’s methodology is to render a targeted, confidential search service for client specified positions. This process requires HR Legend to have a detailed understanding of the client’s business as well as the unique requirements for the specific position. Our search team make use of headhunting techniques, backed by a Research team.

Our researchers form an integral part of each project team as their experience and business insight is essential in identifying top calibre professionals to meet global standards. They give us a good understanding of your industry and your competitors. This advantage allows us to find the right candidate when required to do so.